Legacy ellipsoid particle system frozen?

(I’m using the legacy system again because Shuriken doesn’t seem to be able to make particles “suck inward”.)

My GameObject consists of three legacy components:

  • Ellipsoid Particle Emitter: this works–but the particles never move. They spawn frozen, no matter what I put in the various velocity fields. (The only one I actually want is -Z Tangent Velocity to make the particles suck inward. But values from 1000 to -1000 do nothing.)

  • Particle Renderer: this works–the particles look the way they should.

  • Particle Animator: color animation and Size Grow do work, just as a test, but I don’t need either of those. I only need to rotate around world Y, but again the particles don’t budge. (Of course, I could script rotation of the GO itself as a workaround, but I assume this failure is a useful symptom to note.)

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Ah ha! The old Damping setting.

One of my first tests was to be Random Force, and I accidentally typed into Force instead. I entered zeros to clear that mistake… and must have hit Tab one time too many. I zeroed the Damping, unaware that I had even changed that default.

And Damping 0 looked fine to me as a default: it sounds like no damping!

Damping of 1 is the proper non-damped setting.