Legacy particle prefab not instantiating after upgrading to Unity 4.0

I’m using one of the standard asset particle systems, the flames. I’m instantiating it in code, and it was working fine in the 3.5.x version I was using. I upgraded to 4.0, and everything else is working just like before, but my particles aren’t visible when I instantiate them. If I add the same prefab to the scene in the editor, that one shows up, but not the ones created dynamically. I still have the emit variable set to true like before.

Has anyone run into any issues with legacy particles in 4.0? I saw in the change log that some changes were made to them for efficiency, but nothing about the way they are instantiated. I’ll post more details when I get home if needed, like the code I’m using.


I have the 30 day trial of Unity Pro 4.0 and am trying to figure out how to get the Legacy Particle emitters which have Tangent Velocity and some other controls that were in 3.0 but cannot figure out how to make them work. Seems like the stock 4.0 Particle System overrides all the Legacy ones?