Legacy Shaders and URP

Hi everyone,

I could write for days on all my questions about URP, but for now I’ll keep it short. Basically, 99% of the particle shaders I want to use for my VFX are currently legacy, for example “legacy particle additive.” I know that we’re encouraged/required to upgrade everything to URP shaders, but when I view these VFX in scene view and in game view, they render perfectly fine. This is also the case with mobile particle shaders. So my question is:

If legacy shaders show no problems in scene view nor in game view with URP, am I safe to use them in my game?

Currently on 2019.4.22. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

am I safe to use them in my game?

Yes-ish, however:

  • legacy shader won’t support SRP Batcher so it will limit optimization options.
  • many of these shaders don’t even support GPU Instancing, leaving you with dynamic batching as a last resort.
  • support for legacy shader may be dropped in any of future releases (following the way of the Dodo and Surface shaders)
  • it’s not that hard to replace them with Shader Graph