Lens Flares Distance

I’ve been playing around with Unity and having a blast. Everyday I learn something new. Now Unity 4 is coming soon! That is truly awesome. Lets give the Unity team a round of applause. I do have a question though and it is about lens flares. I have a hallway that is in space and I want to give it the modern but cold dark effect. I made an object that gives off light and I put a lens flare in it. It works. I just don’t like how bright it gets the further you get away. You have to lower the brightness so much the flare dissipates when you are up close. Just wondering if there was a way to make that situation work. I am thinking it depends on the art side and not the settings side but what do I know. Thanks ahead of time and thank you again Unity Team for being awesome.

Having the same problem as you, unfortunately have not found a solution yet. Anyone?