Lens Flares in 2d game

I’m experimenting with lighting in my 2d platformer and Lens Flare effect looks delicious, but I had never worked with it before and now failed to get it to work. For now I just placed it somewhere in the midway between background layer and gameplay layer as you can see here (in a future I’d place it between background layers):

Great, it shining in a scene just as planned, and in 2d mode it looks fine

But in the Game window there is no Flare at all…

Do you forgot to add the “Flare Layer” component in your camera?

I would check these:

  • z depth of the main camera & the flare object. It can be behind the camera
  • Make sure main camera’s culling mask = “Everything”

Sorry for the late reply. I had the same issue, and I solved it just by changing camera projection from perspective to ortographic