Lensflare shows when Ignore Layers is set to "Nothing" but not when it is set to "Everything" ?

When instantiating a gameobject with a lensflare into my game it does show when ignore layers is set to Nothing but not when it’s set to Everything, shouldn’t it be the opposite, as I ignore Everything i will show through everything?

Am I missing something?

Best regards


This is how I understand it:

When you set “Ignore Layers >> Nothing”, the lens flare will not ignore any layers while rendering the flare effects. Basically, the lens flare were to ignore a layer (i.e. omit it from it’s rendering computations) then that layer would not be affected by the lens flare.

Extending this to all layers (i.e. ignore all layers … i.e. “Ignore Layers >> Everything”) means that it would omit all layers from the rendering computations, resulting in no layer showing the lens flare effect. I hope that makes sense. I guess this might be a bit of an issue of the engine’s semantics.