Lerp from localPosition towards an other, but with different parents.

I have an AR application, with some cards rotating around a cylinder, with an empty GameObject as a parent (could also be the cylinder), and when the user tap one of the card, it get “stuck” on the camera (so the camera is the new parent) so he can read it and move around with it.

Is it possible to Lerp (or MoveTowards, or anything) from a localPosition to another, but with a completely different parent ?

Godd day @akaiporo!

If i undestand what you want, you need to Lerp movement, but this movement goes from LocalPosition of 1 parent to a Localposition of a second parent.

AS i know, directly is not possible to do this. You need to convert all this Localposition to “regular” Position (WolrdPosition) to perform the Lerp.

I’ve never had to do it, but It’s what I would do

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Thanks for the answer.
I’ll try something with Transform.TransformPoint and post my solution if I find one