Lerp stopping/not working?

I’m trying to lerp a value but the lerp just suddenly stops.

	void FixedUpdate() {
		globalSpeed = Mathf.Lerp(6, 20, Time.fixedDeltaTime * 1f);
		playerCarBehaviour.speed = globalSpeed;


speed goes to 6.28 and then it just stops and stays on there forever, how come?

Mathf.Lerp(fromValue, toValue, factor), where factor is between 0 and 1

it will return fromValue + (toValue - fromValue) * factor

  • if factor = 0 it will return fromValue (the begining of lerp)
  • if factor = 1 it will return toValue (the end of lerp)
  • when factor is between 0 and 1 - it will return some value between fromValue and toValue.

if factor is changing - lerp is changing, if factor is constant - lerp will return the same value every call.

fixedDeltaTime is constant (I even guess the value of fixedDeltaTime is 0.28 in your case)…

do you need more hints? :slight_smile: