Lerp that wraps around a variable x

The ‘Mathf.LerpAngle’ function is incredibly useful. This is like a lerp, but it wraps correctly around 360. How would I create a lerp that wraps correctly around a variable x? I have a racing game, where the course consists of frequent worldpoints. These points have indexes ranging from 0 to x, and I need a lerp that would appropriately take the shortest distance to any given point. Therefore, if I’m at (x-1) and want to go to 0, the lerp would go to x then zero, rather than (x-2), (x-3)… As bonus points, could an answer also include a version of this for MoveTowards?

If you have an 1D axis (your variable x) that repeats/loops/wraps-around you can think
of as a circle. We know that if the distance from A to B on a circle is more than half
the circumference, it means that you went the wrong way and that going to other way is
shorter which. Lets say you have indexes from 0 to 9 (length of 10).If you want to go
from 2 to 8; if would count 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, you get a distance of 6.This is more than half
the length (6/10 = 60%) so we know going the other directionis shorter, 2,1,0,9,8 for a
distance of 4. This can also be done by doing length - distance (10 - 6 = 4).

// from a to b
int a = 2;
int b = 8;
int length = 10; // length can be array.lenth if you keep the points in an array

int distance = Mathf.Abs(a - b); // distance is 6 in this case

// then we can check if it is more than half way
if (distance > (float)length * 0.5f) {
	distance = length - distance;

// now that we have our shortest distance
// which way do we travel?
int dir = 0;
// we can check if traveling positive is correct
if (a + distance == b) {
	// it is! make the dir positive
	dir = 1;
} else {
	// nope the direction is neg
	dir = -1;

// with the direction and distance figured out, we can lerp!
int x = Mathf.RoundToInt(Mathf.Lerp(a, a + (distance*dir), time));

// then we wrap around 0 if needed
if (x < 0) {
	x += length;
} else if (x > length) {
	x -= length;

This will make x lerp from a to b taking the shortest distance wraping around 0-length. You will need to figure out where to put all this, you only need to check the distance once. I did not test any of this code, there may be typos.