Lerping between set values!

HI, I would like to start my scene by using the vortex image effect. Starting in full effect it should smoothly animate toward 0, and do this inside the Start() function. This is my code so far:

 function Start () 
	vortexEffect = (Camera.main.GetComponent(VortexEffect) as VortexEffect);
	vortexEffect.enabled = true;
	vortexEffect.angle = Mathf.Lerp(500,0, Time.time*10);

Would appreciate any help!

There is no reason why this should be done in the Start() function.

Start() should be used for initialisation, and Update() is for code that you want called each frame.

If you mean you want the Vortex effect to happen when Start is called…
Well having the line of code

vortexEffect.angle = Mathf.Lerp(500,0, Time.time*10);

In Update() will do it once the object is created automatically.