Lerping Quaternions Results in NaN's

void Start(){
Quaternion MyRotation = Quaternion.Euler (Vector3.zero);
Quaternion LastRotation = MyRotation;
Quaternion tempRot = Quaternion.Lerp(LastRotation, MyRotation, 1);

The code above turns up with this debug log:

‘CompareApproximately (aScalar, 0.0F)
UnityEngine.Quaternion:Lerp(Quaternion, Quaternion, Single)’.

Is there any way to prevent this from happening? My guess is checking some kind of null reference exception for quaternions but I’m not sure what that is. Note: This is a simplified version of my script. Solving the problem in this code will solve the problem in my full code.

This is a facepalm moment. I had a return; in my Start method that stopped the rest of the start if the unit was not mine. MyRotation was never assigned.