Lerpz 3DPlatform Tutorial Cutscene2 help

I'm almost finished with the Lerpz 3DPlatform Tutorial, but my Cutscene2 isn't working. When I try to touch the spaceship I get this message:

NullReferenceException LevelStatus+LevelCompleted$13+$.MoveNext () (at Assets/Scripts/Misc/LevelStatus.js:63) ThirdPersonStatus:LevelCompleted() (at Assets/Scripts/Player/ThirdPersonStatus.js:121) HandleSpaceshipCollision:OnTriggerEnter(Collider) (at Assets/Scripts/Misc/HandleSpaceshipCollision.js:12)

Also the CutsceneCamera2 plays in the background of the game.

After some quick research I found that in my LevelStatus script on lines 63 and 64 there seems to be a problem with the coding. (It's the function to hide the player.) Here's What I have:

function LevelCompleted() 
 mainCamera.GetComponent(AudioListener).enabled = false; 
 levelCompletedCamera.active = true; 
 levelCompletedCamera.GetComponent(AudioListener).enabled = true; 
 playerLink.transform.position+=Vector3.up*500.0; // just move him 500 units 

Which is exactly what they have. I triple checked this. I even copied and pasted the final code over my code. So I don't see the problem. Thanks to any help.

Ha. I've been such a fool. I forgot to change the Lerpz object name to Player. Apparently that was the problem. It works great now. :)