Lerpz demo won't do cut scenes

Just finishing up the Unity Lerpz demo, but I can't get the cutscenes to work. On page 101 of the directions, they show the "Level" menu with more items listed under "Level Status (script)" than I have on my screen. I only show the first 2 items when I select "Level" in the Hierarchy window: Script and Items Needed. I tried going back over step by step the directions. I also tried using the completed LevelStatus script from the end of the instructions, but nothing I do seems to get me the extra items shown in the image on page 101 of the instructions. Once Lerpz gets all 20 fuel cells, nothing changes.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I really enjoyed learning the game engine. I'd like to get it completed. Here's what I have so far: http://idisk.mac.com/dfliesen/Public/Unity/Lerpz.html

Not sure what fixed it, but it's working now. I think when I cleaned up some of the javascript error codes, it started working right. Now I'm running through the optimization to make it stream better. Just hope that fixes the problem I have at times with the web streaming. Sometimes you have to click play a second time to get the game to start. We'll see soon if optimization fixes that.

Anyone know how to add footstep sound effects to the game? I know I'll have to get a sound effect and import it into Unity, but I'm not sure what I need to imbed the sound effect into. Would it be the player game object? I think you can only imbed one sound effect through drag and drop. Or do I embed it into a part of the geometry of Lerpz? And how do you trigger it to happen when Lerpz is walking? Would I also need to trigger a second sound effect for when Lerpz runs? Here's the game I have for streaming (still need to optimize): http://idisk.mac.com/dfliesen/Public/Unity/Lerpz.html