Lerpz Jet-pack Weak

I am following the 3rd person tutorial and have just finished the jet pack. In the screen shots they show a bright solid "flame" look, however when I turn it on it comes out as almost a weak sputtering flow. Does anyone know why this would happen and how to fix it? In the tutorial they mention having the min/max set wrong could cause an issue so I checked and double checked that, and even tried setting it to 100 which didn't help. All help is appreciated.

In the Particle Animator, turn the alpha of Animation[0] and Animation[1] to 255. Set the alpha of Animation[2] to 110

Also make sure your Min Emitter Range is set to 0 in the Ellipsoid Particle Emiter

The issue is that the tutorial .pdf is broken for the latest version of unity (3.5.6 as of writing this). Everybody following the .PDF tutorial will end up with a slow weak sparse wide translucent jet that looks nothing like the picture in the pdf. It appears that there is some invisible setting for how FAST new particles are allowed to be emitted, and this is the problem. Try making these changes: Min/Max Energy = 0.3 (instead of .2), and Min/Max Emmission = 150, then in Particle Animator set opacity of color 0 and 1 both to 255 AND color 2 to 110 as mrdodson below mentioned. Another thing, reduce the ellipsoid to .1, .1, .1 so the flame stays closer to the jet exhausts and looks more like the PDFs picture. It’s reasonable enough until somebody makes a new PDF.