Lerpz tutorial - Capsule collider offset from center?


I am following the 3d Platform tutorial and am seeing strange behavior with the Capsule Collider in that it appears in the viewport and behaves as if it has a built in position offset. I noticed this when I first worked through the tutorial section that explained the collider. It became apparent that it was causing an issue when it came time to add a shadow. Even though I position the shadow projector over the on screen character, when I run the game, the shadow appear where the capsule collider is in relation to the character.

Here's a picture showing the collider position and the xyz properties of the capsule from the property sheet:


Anyone know what's causing this and how I can get it remedied?


Change the offsets on the side and make it get in the middle... Might have been something screwed up during update or something... Easy fix.