Lerpz Tutorial Problem

I am just starting Unity, and I am having some trouble with the Lerpz tutorial. Before I start the game, Lerps is where I placed him, as well as the blob shadow projector (i didn’t think I should continue after that part of the tut.) and when i start the game, Lerpz is off to the side with the camera centering where he was BEFORE I started the game (the shadow and collider stays where he was before) So he can look like he is in a building or off a cliff, but floating. also, the “jets” particle emitter is with the Lerpz that is off-center (if you know what I mean)

i haven’t found any record of this happening to anyone else, so I don’t have a clue as to what to do.

This could be due to the animation. If the skinnedmeshRenderer is on the higher gameObject, the animation the transform wont modify anything. You need a parent.

Or it could be a script modifying your position at start.

However, you probably did something wrong while following the tutorial, you should check the previous steps.

Good luck !