Level Config, game Initialization

I’m woking on some kind of Tower Defence Game, and I need level configuration.

When I work’d on AS3 projects I used xml files to config game play fetures. What the best way in unity to do this?

Also I have some quastions about stage initialize. For now I’m doing it like this:

I have some bots and turels, thay initializing on Start

void Start () {
	type 			 = Type.BOT;
	walker 			 = GetComponent(typeof(BotWalker)) as BotWalker;
	fightController  = GetComponent(typeof(ShootController)) as ShootController;
	animController	 = GetComponent(typeof(BotAnimationsController)) as BotAnimationsController;
	gameObject.tag = Tag.ENEMY;
	if(autoRegister) {
		Main.register(gameObject, type);
		Invoke("activate", 0.5f);

I need to activate tham only after all objects are registren in controllers.

Here is Controller object registration:

void Awake () {
	object[] obj = GameObject.FindSceneObjectsOfType(typeof (GameObject));
	foreach (object o in obj) {
	   GameObject g = (GameObject) o;
	   if(g.GetComponent(typeof(FenceAI)) != null) {
	   if(g.GetComponent(typeof(HouseAI)) != null) {
	   if(g.GetComponent(typeof(BotAI)) != null) {
	   if(g.GetComponent(typeof(TurelAI)) != null) {
	   if(g.GetComponent(typeof(SpawnGateAI)) != null) {
	Debug.Log(fences.Count + " Fenses registerd so far");
	Debug.Log(houses.Count + " Houses registerd so far");
	Debug.Log(bots.Count   + " Bots registerd so far");
	Debug.Log(turels.Count + " Turels registerd so far");
	Debug.Log(gates.Count  + " Gates registerd so far");	

I can be shure thal all of that done (Awake for controller / Start for objects) only in controller Update function, so I do that:

void Update() {
	if(!gameStarted) {
		gameStarted = true;

I have strong feeling that, this is not the best way… Will be presheated for some help

If you need some levels, you can create each scene to them.
then loading on Application.LoadLevel


Awake() comes before Start()

You can initialize all you want first on Awake, then call other functions on Start.

Did you mean use System.IO.File etc… to read a custom file? If i complie the application what will be with that file?
For example when I’m writing on AS3 I use URLRequest for loading files and than readyng.

I’m new in C#, can you give some examples?