level detector(scene)

I want to ask on how will I be able to transfer on a level after talking to person on the game. example: I talked to a proffessor on the game, after talking he gave me a quest. After the quest have been given, the character will be transferred to the place where the quest is.
Should i create a scene on every quest? and how will I be able to transfer my character from scene1 to scene2.

@syclamoth just answered this in your other question Make a character be on another scene earlier…basically…

As for making a scene for every quest, I guess that would depend on if you’re only making a few quests, or if you’re making a gargantuan game like The Elder Scrolls . I wouldn’t imagine making 5,000 scenes so that each quest would have it’s own level would be a good idea, or if it’s even possible to have that many scenes in a build ; and besides that, who would want to play a game that has 2 hours of play-time and 3 months of loading levels in-between?

If you go with a scene per-quest, @syclamoth’s answer on your other post is how you’d transfer your character from scene1 to scene2.

If you go with transporting your character to quest-start in the same scene, use an empty game object as a spawn point (can make it look better adding some kind of teleporter-base or whatever, but still use an empty object for the spawn-point since your base would probably be on the ground, and if you teleport to that position your character would be stuck half-way in the dirt…) and simply make your character “go” to that point by changing the transform.position.Note: This will look like crap without doing some other things, maybe a screen-fade to hide your character suddenly being in a different place ; stuff like that… but whatever.

Or, you could just let your guy talk to the quest-person, start the quest, and let the player find their own way to the quest-area.