Level geometry -- per-face materials, coordinates, UVs, tiling

I’ve recently dropped modular architecture and come to settle for Blender to do level geometry, and per-face properties are something I’ve been taking for granted in Source, UE, Quake, and all the way down to Doom, not to mention a load of console engines.

Which is why I’m completely baffled that Unity still seems to offer absolutely no avenue for the approach, short of 1. one separate material slot and file for every single face in every single scene, or 2. shelling out for ProBuilder, which, until the asset store accepts Netflix gift cards and good intentions, isn’t happening.

What specifically prompted my asking here was the issue of tiling. The only method I can think of from where I’m standing is to subdivide all my level meshes into a bloated mess. Leading me to the question:

Q: Do I get to, uh, not do that? Ever?

OK, in case someone needs to be told how complete a moron I am – turns out Blender can tile textures on one face via UVs, but only full textures, which didn’t come up to me because I’d only been using atlases up to then. To whom else it may concern.