Level Loads properly in the editor but in the device builds when game is installed on machine. game quits instead of loading level

I am making a game, in which i displayed levels which are locked and the unlocked level is the first one. Now I am in a very strange problem. when I click on a level it loads perfectly in unity editor. but when I build this game on a real device. Instead of launching level(the splash and category selection scenes are working fine here too) the game stops. not ANR etc , it just stops like I tapped the back button on my device. what could be the problem? It’s driving me crazy. How can I figure out my problem when it’s working fine in the editor? but when I deploy it. it is just sucking my life :frowning:

It’s possible that you’re facing a memory problem. It happens a lot with games with lots of textures or so, that the game loads the textures and than can’t handle them all and crashes.

Mobile devices can’t handle as well as a computer a lot of textures, since it’s memory is lower.

You probably should check if you’re unloading your textures from previous scenes, if you create pointers to get textures, you have to set those pointers to null when changing level, and etc.