Level terrain will not restore

I accidentally made some changes to my terrain and didn’t realize, and I exited unity with those changes. After I realized I made the mistake I deleted the scene and restored it back to normal from a backup copy. But this didn’t work. The terrain remained the same with the large slope that was made on accident and destroyed the map. I’ve tried everything - from deleting all of the meta files and restarting Unity. Nothing has worked. The settings and objects in the map get restored - but not the terrain itself.

Any fix would be much appreciated.


Keep in mind that your terrain is a completely separate asset from your scene. Notice that simple object primitives like cubes and spheres exist in the scene but not in your project view, so when you save your scene any changes you make to those GameObject will get saved with it. However, when you make changes to your terrain, since it is an asset, like your scripts which exist in the project view, changes you make to your terrain are entirely different from changes you make to your scene. You need to think of them like entirely different entities. The advantage to this is that you can reuse that same terrain in all of your scenes.

With that said, I’m not sure you can undo your changes to your terrain. If you can recover your old version it will be from recovering an old version of the terrain asset itself however and will have nothing to do with your backed up version of your scene.

Hope that sheds some light into the issue.