level with lots of animation takes a long time to load

i am creating an iOS game. one of levels is store level where there is next/prev buttons and it shows animations demonstrating what each weapons do.
on my iphone 5s that it takes about 5~7 seconds to load the level.
I have animator object in the level and use code to dynamically load animation control from resources folder. This is what i dont understand because i don’t load all of them at level load so not sure why load is slow…
How can i reduce level load time?
Would reducing quality of animation help?

hm… it is weird,
I disabled all game objects in the scene and it still takes 5 seconds to load the level with blank screen…
Is it possible that even disabled objects take up level initialization time?

My suggestion is to significantly reduce all animations and test the level load speed again. if it will help - that would meen that actually you load animations at level load, and you should find the correct way to postpone the animation loading. if it will not help - the problem is out of animations.

PS I guess it looks like I’m a captain obvious :slight_smile: