libpng versions

Hey all,

I have an app that is building from unity 4.1.5 and is using Scaleform for UI. (I mention scaleform because I think its the likely cause at this point).

I’m trying to take a screenshot of the application during an Augmented Reality scene for social sharing.

However when I try to take the screenshot I get this log.

libpng warning: Application built with libpng-1.2.18 but running with 1.5.13

Failed to store screen shot

Now the only sign of any additional libpng stuff I can find in the project is scaleform which looks to include it and add a linker flag to it in the xcode project.

My question is, has anyone had this or a similar libpng issue before? Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can overcome this issue? or perhaps there is a way of generating a screenshot from unity without it using libpng

Hope that someone will find this useful as I think it is !!! :slight_smile:

You can download a fixed Scalefrom package from here:

Unity 4.3.2 uses libpng 1.2.18

All you have to do is match the headers from libpng 1.2.18 and Unity is already linked against the library. These errors disappear and you can use libpng.