License as a freelancer for contractors.

We will be working on an iOS and Android project with a client.

The idea is for us to produce only one module which has to be integrated in their native projects (they do not use unity).

We are freelancer and not in the case of a(> $100,000) company.

However our contractor (a dev company) have a bigger (> $100,000) company.

They will sell the application to another company (> $100,000 too) which will commercialise the app.

My question is : do we need to have the pro licence ?

If yes : WHO need to be in possession of this licence ? Which company ?

No, you do not need a Pro licence if your company has an annual gross revenue < $100,000 (and you don’t need any Unity Pro features). The “module” you create will be fully compatible with Unity Pro.

However, all other corporate entities whose gross annual revenues exceed $100,000 involved in the production of your project will need one Unity Pro licence per user - that applies to both your contractor and your client.