license error in Unity Hub

When I start a Unity. I have always a license error after I restart my komputer. I using Unity Hub 0.16.0 (Unity version: 2018.2.0b1)

Please help.

This worked for me:

Step 1:

Got to Unity Hub settings and look for the License Management tab on the left. Select it and click on Manual Activation button top right in the License management screen.

Step 2:

Save License Request key to you desktop or any place you feel comfortable with. Click on the link: Now go to manual activation page link.

Step 3:

Your browser will open the link and the Manual activation screen will be displayed. Click on browse and select you saved License Request key.

Step 4:

Click next, Activate your license by selecting one of the two options Unity Plus or Pro or Unity personal. Put in serial code and download your unity.ulf file to your desktop.

Step 5:

Go back to Unity Hub Manual Activation screen and click on next button. Load your license file to this machine by clicking on the 3 dots “Browse for file icon” . Load you unity.ulf file and click confirm. Done :wink:

Hope this helps!