Licensing conundrum for an indie dev team.

Recently, a few programming classmates and myself have begun working on various gaming projects using Unity. We all know that eventually we are going to have to start using Unity Pro for larger projects, but for right now we have a major concern about moving on to licensing for the iPhone and Android devices. As it stands, half of us are working on separate projects within the same “universe”, or game setting if you will.

Team A is developing a massive game and would like to put out their game on PC only.
Team B is developing a smaller game and would like to put their game out on iPhone/Android devices.

If we formed a company of all groups together and put these games out, would every member of the company need to have an iPhone/Android device development license, or just the members that are on Team B and developing solely for those devices?

According to section 1.d of the Unity EULA and the preamble to the Unity Pro SLA, the licences are basically on a per-seat basis, since each license is for 2 workstations used by 1 individual; you’d need to have Unity iPhone for those developing for iPhone, but not for those developing for PC.

Though, of course, you should consult actual legal experts on this issue; since you’re classmates, your department or school will have legal aid for students that can help clear up this relatively simple issue.