Licensing for Contractors v4.1.5


We are a iOS dev studio and are working on an app for a film production house.

We used Unity 4.1.5 Free version. As I understand from the license, we can publish the game on iOS and Android without the need for buying Pro license as our revenues have not hit more than $100,000/year in past fiscal year.

Now the complication is the production house wants to launch the app from their Apple and Google account and they wanted to know since they are not the ones developing the software and they have contracted it to us, they should not have to pay for Pro license just for hosting on the App store and Google Play.

Can this be achieved? i.e. hosting on their accounts without paying for Pro license?

Also, if not whats the workaround? They said it was imperative that the app be hosted on their account.
Can someone please help with this?

Some input from Unity Team would be great as well so we are assured we have an official answer as this is in relation to licensing issue.


If the film production studio want to make the final build, then yes, they will need a Unity license. And if they make over $100k, then they will of course need to purchase Pro versions of Unity.