Licensing question.

I was hoping somebody could answer a question I have about licensing.

Basically, I want to develop games for IOS devices.

Can I buy the IOS pro add on ($1500) and use it with Unity basic? And publish games without the Unity splash screen and with shadows etc?

Or do I need Unity pro AND IOS pro? For 3 big ones.

OR could I buy Unity Pro and then just the $400 IOS add on? (not too fussed about shadows as I want to develop 2D games) but publish without the Unity splash screen?

I have already searched the site and forums for a clear answer to this but can’t find one. If anyone can give me a quick answer, I’d be most appreciative.

Thanks for reading.


You can buy Unity Pro + iOS Basic, but not Unity Free + iOS Pro.
Good luck.

You will need Unity Pro + iOS Pro to remove or replace the splash screen.


Buying Unity Pro and iOS Basic will not remove the splash screen when publishing on iOS.