Licensing -- using free assets

I know this has been asked many times, but I haven’t read any answer that (in my mind) is clear enough. I got this from the Asset Store Provider Agreement (Asset Store Provider Agreement):


Provider agrees that, pursuant to the
EULA, it will grant to the Customer
who acquires an Asset submitted by the
Provider, a non-exclusive, worldwide,
license in any medium now known or
hereinafter invented to: (a)
reproduce, post, modify, promote,
license, sell, publicly perform,
publicly display, digitally perform,
or transmit the Asset for promotional
and commercial purposes; (b) use any
trademarks, service marks or trade
names incorporated in the Asset; and
(c) use the name and likeness of any
individuals represented in the Asset.

Doesn’t this state in plain text that you can use assets from the Asset Store, no matter what the 3rd-party provider states about licensing in the asset description? The word “acquires” counts for both purchasing assets and just downloading free ones, right?

Don’t get me wrong – I’ll give credit where credit is due – but I would worry a great deal less if that quoted paragraph states what I think it states.

Yes, that’s right - the whole purpose of the asset store is to provide assets that customers can use in their games. There has never been a requirement to “give credit” to an asset author.