Life Player loads another level

Hello everyone.

I’m editing a script to allow the character to die three times, and then load the level gameover.
I am using this script HealthBar, to allow after 3 times the player dies, the charge level should gameover.
Suggested some?
Thank You.

healthbar script:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class HealthBar : MonoBehaviour 

	public Player Player;

	public static int life = 5;

	public Transform ForegroundSprite;
	public SpriteRenderer ForegroundRenderer;
	public Color MaxHealthColor = new Color(255 / 255f, 63 / 255f, 63 / 255f);
	public Color MinHealthColor = new Color(64 / 255f, 137 / 255f, 255 / 255f);

	public void Start()

	public void Update () 

		life += 3;
		var healthPercent = Player.Health / (float) Player.MaxHealth;
		ForegroundSprite.localScale = new Vector3(healthPercent, 1, 1);
		ForegroundRenderer.color = Color.Lerp(MaxHealthColor, MinHealthColor, healthPercent);

		life -= 1;
		if(life <= 0) 
			Application.LoadLevel("Resuscita Argon");
			life --;
			GameObject.Find("Vita3").guiText.text = ""+life;
			print("Prova Vita" + life + " Cazzo non funziona!!!");

script count life:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Contovita : MonoBehaviour {

	public static int life = 5;
	// Update is called once per frame
	void Awake () {
		guiText.text = ""+3;


I guess you picked a script from Internet and want to edit it some bit.
If you did then you will see that you don’t need some codelines.

I wrote a sample script for you.

    using UnityEngine;
     using System.Collections;
     public class Health : MonoBehaviour 

    //Total Lifes you start with.
    public static int life = 3;
    void Update(){
//If you have zero lives left it will go to the Level " GameOver"
//The Scene called "GameOver" should be added to the build and run scene.
    if(life <= 0){
    print("GameOver, You have no lives left")

in another script. // If a condition is met, invoke " LifeReduction" (This will reduce the lives you have left with -1)

 //If you want to invoke this function within another script, then it is needed to add static public before void.
 //Invoke this functiom can be done by doing someting like X.LifeReduction();
 //X is the variable for how you named the script where you put this code.
static public void LifeReduction(){
//Remember that you have to invoke "LifeReduction" within another function.
//How you do this depends on the condition, by colliding? raycast? or a loop?
//Reduces Life with -1. -= 1;

If you want to display the total amount of lives on the screen, then you can do that by using string method to GUIText. Or using a sprite as indicator for the total amount of lives you have.

If you don’t know how to script or don’t understand script that much. I highly recommend you to get some practice and some basic knowledge about how to script inside of MonoDevelop. I also began from scratch without help from professional tutors, learning from tutorials I found on the Unity site and Youtube.

Unity has an 28 episodes long tutorial, introducing you to basics of C# in Unity.

After these 28 episodes I guarantee you, you will be able to make your own script with help of using the Unity Reference. And you will understand scripts a lot better.