Lifting Rigidbody2D with mouse

I have tried few scripts that move rigidbodies but they lack the type of movement I’m after. What I want to happen is to be able to lift an object with Rigidbody2D attached to it and while still holding it in the air, have center mass/gravity affect its rotation. So lets say if I click and drag a long horizontal object from one edge I want the physics to rotate it to the position it would naturally go in that situation (vertical). I also want to be able to swing/rotate the object while in the air with circular mouse movement. How could I achieve this? I have tried Target Joint 2D to do the swinging but it is too “springy” and doesn’t give you as much control.

You have to put the center of mass of the rigidbody at the right position. if you use a collider for your object, unity will calculate it at the right point. if not, center of gravity is pivot of your sprite, which you can modify at the sprite editor.

after that you have to add on runtime the target joint at that point which you want to grab.