Light.AddCommandBuffer() On URP Project

I have an example project of Volumetric Lighting based on Unity Built-in.
GitHub - SlightlyMad/VolumetricLights: Volumetric Lights for Unity

i’m trying to convert it to URP
but the project has some codes like
camera.AddCommandBuffer(), light.AddCommandBuffer()

As i know that is not able to use on URP environments.
I managed to fix the camera.AddCommandBuffer() part by using

but i can’t find the way to replace light.AddCommandBuffer()

custom command buffer must be executed right after on generating the shadows for each of the lights.

thank you for your time

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Looks like you’re not the first.
I’ve been using that package myself, and I plan to use it in the future. The obscurity of SRP has always prevented me from using it in the past. If you ever manage to make some progress on this, I think committing your solution to the original repo or sharing the fork would be awesome.

Ah sadly I already checked this page, but there were no solution for light.AddCommandBuffer().

I am so surprised how difficult to find information about
light.AddCommandBuffer() URP alternative.

This part is crucial on this Volumetric Rendering sample project.