Light and Materials in dark environment

I'm using lights to explore a 3d environment. The entire world is set to black and I want that light reveal the world around.

I can't find the right settings for the world's material (using point lights). If I use any other color than Black it works. But black don't take light. (when Material is set to Bumped Diffuse)

Any idea ?

Also : Is the light renderMode "pixel" a good idea ? The result using "vertex" method isn't really nice.



I pushed the material's color to a dark gray, pushed the light's intensity and it gives me something good.

I think you should do this:

  1. Set ambient color to black in Render Settings. This way objects that are not affected by light will be black.
  2. Use lights where you want. Choosing Pixel light mode will make sure they are rendered in per-pixel lit mode (which looks much better, but is also slower).

For almost all standard shaders, the lighting calculations are multiplied by the object's base color. So, yes, something that is truly, purely black won't be affected by any lights.

Pixel lighting is much more expensive (particularly for many lights) than vertex lighting, but generally worthwhile unless you start suffering performance issues (which you won't for a few pixel lights on any remotely recent graphics card).