Light culling using OnPreRender and OnPostRender after updating to 4.3

Hey everyone, I ran into a strange problem today after updating to Unity 4.3.

I’ve been using a simple script to hide certain lights from a secondary camera using OnPreRender and OnPostRender:

    function OnPreRender () {
    	var objects = GameObject.FindWithTag("InvisibleToGhostCamera");
    	objects.light.enabled = false;
    function OnPostRender () {
    	var objects = GameObject.FindWithTag("InvisibleToGhostCamera");
    	objects.light.enabled = true;

This code was serving me perfectly well and did exactly what I expected it to, up until I updated to 4.3.

With the code unchanged, the lights I’m trying to hide simply stay visible. If I comment out the OnPostRender part, it quite happily turns the light off (for all cameras, of course).

Any ideas on what went wrong? Is it a bug, did something change, is there a better solution anyway? Any help would be greatly appreciated as this problem is really starting to irritate me. =P

After stumbling upon it by accident, using OnPreCull and OnPostRender does more or less the same job, for those of you needing a way to do this. =)

It’s a confirmed bug, Unity Issue Tracker - OnPreRender & OnPostRender are reversed.