Light from Emissive Materials/Objects on Sprites

im working on a 2.5 Sidescroller and using sprites for the background. However I managed to get the lighting effect on a sprite from point lights. My problem is that I can´t get the light on a sprite from a Emissive Material/Object.

Is this even possible? And when yes how?
My Objects are Static. And I’m using the Sprite Diffuse Shader.

This is the Sprite with Point Light ( another room ).
This is the Sprite where the Emissive Material/Object is placed.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’ve looked into it further, and basically; no. You can, however, have it as a quad using the standard shader with fade transparency. It will look the same and interact with lighting better. If you want it to cast and receive shadows, cutout works as well.