Light passing through mesh

I’m making this scene where I need to have lit up billboards. However I can’t seem to have the lights on the billboard cast shadows properly. My billboard has cast shadows enabeled and my light has recieve shadows enabeled, but the lights still light up the building behind it.

Here’s a screenshot of the scene:

alt text

And here’s what it looks like in the editor:

alt text

I’m still pretty much a noob in Unity so help would be greatly appreciated.

I tried to reproduce the issue but everything works for me.
Just some ideas :

  • Try to play with the Bias & normal bias sliders ? and the Shadow Near Plane too

  • Try to set your light Render Mode to Important

  • Go to Edit>Project Settings>Quality and look if everything looks ok in the shadows panel

As far as I’m aware it doesn’t have anything to do with fbx export settings.