Light Problem after loading the scene


I´ve got a problem with the light in my scene. Wenn I die in the game, I load the scene with



But after that, the scene is much darker.

Here are two pics to compare.

I can’t find any difference. The directional Light component is exactly the same than before.

It’s just a common part of the way the scenes are pre-loaded in the build verses Unity. When the game is built, this problem will not exist, so it’s nothing to worry about.

This is kind of old now, but…

Go to Window/Lighting/Settings (DebugSettings) and unCheck “AutoGenerate”.

You will have to manually regenerate the baked lightmap when you make changes, but this will allow unity editor to show the scene as you want it, post loadScene.

Check if there is any “Don’t DestroyOnLoad” is calling. Comment or remove it and check again.