Light scene error?

Got 2 pictures here, same scene same everything.
The only different is, that on the “black screen”, it has been loaded correct, and the screen where there is “light” is loaded wrong.

When i just start the game in unity, on the screen, it looks like the first picture, which is wrong, but when i force reload the same scene, it looks like the second scene (which is the right one).

When i then build the game, no matter if i reload the scene, it will always be like the scene on the first picture.

So it looks like the light is messing up ?
Anyone have any clue about what is going on here?, Same scene, same code, same light setup.
(Got no warnings or errors)

Every Scene has a light system which is auto updating so in the second pic the light are not baking thats why you are getting this black screen.
to fix this just go to Windows > Lighting>Scene
click on auto or build you lighting.