Light/Shadow Z-Fighting Styled Flickering while Camera is Moving Around

I have created a scene in which i have around 15 pixel based lights.
Shadow distance is set to 170 , soft shadows with 4 cascades and deferred rendering.
I recently replaced a placeholder cube with an actual 3d model of an object. Right after that the light and shadows and light began to flicker as the camera moved around.
Visual Example on the video below:

It only appears in that particular level and is quite frustrating and game breaking , any solutions?

EDIT: The shadow flickering for single lights disappears if i go near them.
EDIT 2: Apparently , only the Point Lights are flickering in such a way , the Spotlight behaviour is quite different.
EDIT 3: Now it strangely appears to happen in every new scene i create. Older scenes are unaffected.
EDIT 4: Now that is quite strange , i have a cube as the ground which was 0.4 units thick , i increased it to 20 and the problem now appears at a smaller scale.

I appeared to have solved the problem , i changed the Camera's Near Clipping Plane to 0.1 from 0.01 and it got fixed.

This is old, but I had a similar problem and fixed it by reducing the main camera’s far clipping plane. So if the above answer doesn’t work, try that as well.