Lightamps not appearing on objects after baked

The problem I'm having is that, after I've selected "Bake", my computer goes through the motions of baking the lighting onto light maps. However, just when it looks like it's almost finished importing the lightmaps into the project it seems to stop. Unity itself doesn't freeze, but it will no longer finish the importing process. I thought a possible work around would be to exit Unity, then reopen the scene and reimport all the lightmaps; however, after the lightmaps have been reimported they don't go to their assigned objects, nor do they show up in the "maps" section for the lightmapping tab.

Basically, I want to know if there is a way to assign/reassign the lightmaps to the objects. I don't know if it matters that I have the 30 day free trial of Unity Pro or not.

Please let me know if I need to clarify any of this.

I found the answer in the Unity forums [here]( To manually assign lightmaps go to the Lightmap Tab/Maps. Change the array size to the number of lightmaps you have, then manually insert the lightmaps. You can't just randomly throw maps up there though as there is a specific order for the maps and objects.

Unfortunately, since my problem is that unity keeps crashing after making the maps I can't just make the maps separately. If you only choose Bake Select the render wont' see any of the other objects and wont' make shadows for them. The only way I can think of adjust for that at the moment is to make several shadow versions and layer them in photoshop. Tedious and long, but until I can think of something else, or find something else this is all I can do.