Lightbox over unity?

I want to have a lightbox overlay happen in the index.html to be placed ontop of Unity… I got the external call running when clicked on an object in Unity but it seems that Unity dont want stuff ontop of it in the html… Maybe things have changed or somebody found another solution already?

I want to have a flashplayer showing my content in the lightbox. Does anybody got an idea how to achieve this?

We had a hard time using Lightbox so we tried iFrames… Its working! You might have troubles with the focus when closing but there are workarounds once you are clever enough! ;

Have fun!

you have to program it in html in the actual source code, i guess.

The functionality will be very browser specific. With some browsers Unity renders off screen and then pastes the 3d over the top of the browser window. This makes overlays nearly impossible. If the iframe thing works, then that’s cool. You’ll want to test this on every browser your game is meant to support, though.