Lighting a scene from SketchUp - issues with emissive mats and/or multiple point lights

I have a room I’ve modelled (painstakingly) in SketchUp, and I’m trying to light it. There are 12 ceiling lights, which should light the room and ideally cast shadows. I have a couple of non-static objects too, which seem to be rendered in the same way as the static objects.

The entire structure of the scene is set to Static and Lightmap Static.

I’m using Point Lights right now. Some of them seem to display correctly, others don’t seem to have an effect, or have an effect depending on the camera angle. I guess this might be a number-of-realtime-lights limit, but if I change to Baked, the entire scene goes black. If I change to Mixed, unsurprisingly it’s a mixture of the two (a darker, semi-working scene).

Here’s a screen recording… kierenj

Can anyone suggest a way forward please?

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Well, there is a limit for dynamic lights indeed, you can try and increase it. If you want to use baked lights, make sure you have actually baked them. Means opening the Lighting window, setting up the kind of lightmaps you want, then pressing the Bake button and waiting for quite a long time.
Area lights and emissive materials only emit light to other stuff in the lightmap mode, there are no realtime equivalents

The problem was that the model had bad or missing texture map coordinates (UV), I think. Painting a texture onto every surface in SketchUp, then re-importing (and re-assigning materials if necessary), the lightmapping works as expected, and things look better.