Lighting an enclosed room

I’m a developer who is pretty new to 3D modeling. I’ve created an enclosed room that can be pretty big (up to 30x30 meters). I’m trying to find a good way to do interior lighting for that room like you’re flipping on a light switch.

I need the lighting to be pretty even across the room so that I don’t have any really dark areas or really bright areas, but I still want my walls to look like 3D walls so I can see the corners and such.

I’m also going to have some other objects in the room like tables, so it would be nice if I could get those to cast proper shadows as well. That’s not a high priority at the moment though.

I have Unity Pro. I could use some help with a good lighting strategy. I’ll be resizing this room dynamically through script as well.

I think id start with a directional light and then, if faces at right angles from the light were too dark either add another directional or an area light to “fill”