Lighting and lightmapping

Two questions about lightmapping in Unity 3:

1) why does a light which has been used for baking lightmaps have no real time effect on the objects with baked textures anymore? Am I overlooking something?

2) do point lights in Unity 3 not cast real time soft nor hard shadows, or I'm forgetting something? They can cast shadows only for baking lightmaps?

3) If I want normal and diffuse maps to function together with the lightmaps, and interact with real time lights too, how should I proceed? Render lightmaps before I create the other maps or later? Does it make a difference? So far I haven't succeeded in making normal/parallax maps function with light maps. If I did the result was completely unexpected (in a bad way).

Thank you.

I am answering myself now: Beast radiosity doesn't influence normal and specular maps natively in Unity 3.

But it soon might.

i’m having the same problem with light maps and normal maps…the only solution i’ve found is using the Legacy shader Lightmapped bumped diffuse but somehow it increases its intensity and the normal map does show but it is not as visible as before