Lighting Box 2 Next-Gen Lighting Solution

Hi All

Lighting Box 2 Update is ready now
for Unity 2022.3 or newer

Also is available on the Lighting Tools 2022

Buy from Asset Store

Now you can upgrade from Lighting Box 2 to the HDRP Lighting Box 2 for only 10$ (was 20$)

5$ upgrade to the URP Lighting Box 2
5$ upgrade to the Mobile Lighting Box
40$ upgrade to the Lighting Tools 2021

Only Built In pipeline

** See HDRP Lighting Box 2 **

See URP Lighting Box 2

Create realistic lighting with just few clicks

All in one lighting window with zero experience require

- Easy to use for artists
- Solves lighting issues automatically
- Apply lighting settings automatically to Camera and lights
- Integrated with True Volumetric Lights (Link)
- One if the best image effects setup for Post Processing Stack
- Different video tutorials
- Compatible with all scene lightings(Desert,jungle,night tested)
- Volumetric Fog
- Fixed lots of bugs
- Added more features and videos
- Destruction sample
- In-Game settings menu similar to AAA games
Lighting Box 2:
- Post processing stack 2 support + in game settings menu
- Redesigned workflow
- better SSR and DOF effect's settings
- New color grading options
- Compatible for both indoor and outdoor scenes
- New design
- Faster workflow
- Cleaner workflow
- More voice tutorials
- A lot of sample projects and files
- More optimized
- In-Game settings menu
Free models for v 1 x+:
Rocks, 3d grass, speedtree standard assets tree models, sample house

Youtube channel


I dont see an area to download?

Wait a few minutes



does it work on interior scenes as well?

My goal was outdoor
I will test it for interior. But maybe its needs few customizations for interior
I will make another one for my Interior Lighting Kit that's focused on interior settings
Initial test with realtime GI

That's great..looking forward for it

great man!!!!! another upgrade ^^


3103010--234297--Unity 2017-06-10 02-12-14-19.jpg 3103010--234298--Untitled.jpg 3103010--234299--Untitled2.jpg

New settings with blue highlights (UE4 way)
Use new settings file (LightingBox_Blue_Halo) and drag BlueDirt texture into Dirt slot of the Bloom effect


Added different post effect setups

3103124--234314--Untitled3.jpg 3103124--234315--Untitled4.jpg 3103124--234316--Untitled5.jpg


A few new screenshots from improved Post Effects setup:
3103187--234317--1.jpg 3103187--234318--2.jpg 3103187--234320--3.jpg 3103187--234321--4.jpg 3103187--234322--5.jpg

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3103274--234327--2.jpg 3103274--234328--3.jpg 3103274--234329--4.jpg 3103274--234330--5.jpg

3103312--234332--1.jpg 3103312--234333--2.jpg 3103312--234334--3.jpg 3103312--234335--4.jpg 3103312--234336--5.jpg

Looks cool...Thanks bro for making it free

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Don't forget:

  1. Your rendering path must be Deferred (edit->project->graphics)

  2. Color space should be Linear (player settings)

  3. Graphic API should be DX11 for HDR and DX9 for non HDR (Player Settings)

  4. DX11 only for volumetric Lighting (Player Settings )

5.Allow HDR should be on in camera component (Inspector)

  1. Allow MSAA should be disabled in the Camera component (Inspector)

  2. Shadows should be activated in quality settings (edit->project-> quality)

Specially when you have imported a new complete project(for example UFPS) you must re setup this 7 steps again for your project


3103497--234373--1.jpg 3103497--234375--3.jpg 3103497--234376--4.jpg 3103497--234377--Untitled.jpg3103497--234378--1.jpg


Great work! Your sample scenes are beautiful!