Lighting/brightness difference between Mac and Windows Builds

Having an issue with lighting or brightness difference between Mac & Windows builds of our projects.

The following screenshot shows:

  • Sphere (Standard shader)
  • Cube (Vertex Lit)
  • Cylinder (Legacy Diffuse)

Same project, built on Mac/Windows.

We’re running the same version of Unity on our Mac & Windows machines (5.1.3f1). Initially we thought it was an issue with the standard shader. Some of our models were showing up from Mac builds fairly dark (see sphere). All the values look the same, we don’t set the emission on Windows (appears same value on Mac). So initially we thought it was an emission issue cross-platform.

I’ve provided a sample project. It contains the exe’s for both our Mac & Windows builds of the same project.

(Let me know if there’s a preferred site to host on)

  • Project created on Windows
  • Built on Windows
  • Project opened on Mac
  • Built on Mac
  • Compared .exe’s on Windows
  • Image provided above

The issue persists through all Mac builds. We can build our projects on Windows for Android/Windows and they’ll look as intended. Moment the project is on a Mac, each version pushed out looks darker (objects with Standard shader at least). The differences can be seen in the editor also (not just builds).

Hi, we are having the same issues, anyone managed to solve this? The problem happens frequently as we usually build apps on PC and then use the mac to publish them on iOS.
Please if anyone has an idea of what is going on get back to us. Thanks.