Lighting differences between scenes in Player but not in Editor

Looking for suggestions on things that I might be overlooking. I have two scenes using the same directional light prefab, the same art assets, and the same camera prefab.

When I transition from one scene to the next while playing in the Editor the lighting looks correct in both scenes. When I do so in the Player exe one scene looks more washed out and brighter than the other.

Cropped screenshot of both scenes using same assets, camera, and directional light setup in the same compiled game exe:

Are you testing the compiled one with full resolution and graphic settings at max?

It turns out that the difference was the use of a SkyBox. Or more specifically the use of Environment LIghting set to Color or Skybox. What happens when playing in the editor is that the Environment Lighting mode carries over from your current scene to the next scene. But when running in the player, it uses the setting from the newly loaded scene. This difference should likely be bugged as consistency between the two ways of running should be maintained I would think.