Lighting does not appear to work

Hi there - first day with Unity. I’ve created a cube, and stuck it on a plane. There’s an invisible camera in there somewhere also. However adding a light creates an object, but it doesn’t affect anything like the tutorial video (video 3) seems to demonstrate. Tried Point Lights, then Area Lights. The Scene shows the cube and plane, as does the camera view, but they remain dark grey. Set to Textured and RGB (default setup for a new scene). Can anybody offer any advice?

(Win 7 64-bit, demo version of Unity for now, AMD 5870 graphics card, latest drivers)



Have a look at the top row of the Scene window. There are a couple of buttons to enable lighting, atmosphere and sounds. Be sure to activate lighting. (The Game winsow should show the lighting, though)

Hi - turns out I’m an idiot. :slight_smile: The buttons are fine - the scale was the problem. Because the default scene was so far zoomed out, I was creating objects that were massive. I’m used to Blender’s editor, where the camera is much much smaller, but looks very similar. The standard lights have a maximum range of 10 units in Unity, so were not illuminating anything in my scene. A lack of fixed grid probably didn’t help. Thanks for your response though - nice to see these forums have helpful people on them!



i have the same poblem but diferent.

Please can somebody answers my problem