Lighting in Augmented Reality.

Hi guys, I have been trying hard to get proper lighting effect in my Augmented reality project.
using baked lights makes the scene really heavy if I’m using large assets and also I can’t make it as a prefab if I am using baked lights. Is there any other way to get a proper lighting effect with reflection in AR?
I’m using ARcore for my project. Please do let me know if anyone has some better suggestion.
Thanks in advance.

We have had a somewhat nice result with using the camera image as an environment texture.
It can be a bit of a hassle to get the camera image though, because arCore also wants to use it exclusively. You have to ask ArCore nicely if you can borrow the image.

Bake ambient occlusion secondary map for your model in you modeling software if you want to have nice soft shadows (faked basically), reflections is an another story, there are plenty of options, the simplest is to use a custom skybox that match in some sense to the environment where you want to to show up your augmentations, you can also swap different skyboxes (hdri) at runtime.

Hey thanks, guys for your suggestions. I will try out what you guys said.