Lighting is different after changing scene

I’m using a persistent scene to keep data constant between scenes. The lighting settings do change when I switch to another scene, just like I expect they would, but somehow they don’t yield the expected results.

For example, I have a dark grey/orange ball in the first scene (the main menu) loaded by the persistent scene. After loading a couple of other scenes, going back to the main menu makes the ball a brighter orange and the lighting is flat. The settings do appear to be the same in the Inspector.

Just guessing here but if your persistent scene is your menu then when you go back to the menu you will have two orange balls in your scene. That would explain the brightness at least. My strategy for this is I usually have a setup scene that has no lighting only the camera and my managers, the setup scene is persistent and automatically loads the menu.

No, the menu is a separate scene like you describe. Every object is as it should be (no dupes) and so are the lighting settings in the inspector.

Alle baked lighting works, by the way. Only the GI is affected. I am at a loss.

check your window->lighting ambients settings… does it change when you load the other scene ?

In case anyone else is experiencing this problem: It turns out there was a set of light probes in the second scene that propagated to all the other scenes and didn’t respond to OnDestroy(). Changing them didn’t help, I just removed them altogether and now everything is fixed.

Might be a bug in the light probe system.